"A healthy community provides its people with quality public education, affordable healthcare and good job and business opportunities."


Government should work to improve the lives of its citizens. Our government was created to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As a public servant, I believe that government should benefit the lives of its citizens, not constrain them. Transparency and accountability are critical for government to truly be by and for the people. I believe government service is public service. I’m running for Mississippi House District 102 to put people first.


Economic Opportunity

Hattiesburg should lead the state in building a sustainable and innovative economy. Encouraging entrepreneurship and investing in local industries empower all members of our community to thrive.


Healthcare & Health Services

We must expand opportunities for healthy living in Hattiesburg through proven practices such as public-private partnerships, integrated health services, and outreach in underserved areas.



Fully funding quality public education is key to our community’s success. Mississippi should fund educational opportunities for all, from pre-k to college, not deny them.